ECO D3 Clima 80 Refurbished

ECO D3 Clima 80 Refurbished

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iMETOS ECO D3 Clima 80 weather station package

ECO D3 Clima 80 is the cornerstone to a well-designed and scalable IoT network. This unit offers durable and dependable sensors to monitor your field conditions, the ECO D3 Clima 80 comes equipped to measure:

  • Precipitation
  • Air temperature
  • soil probe compatible (not included)

Package price includes:

  • FieldClimate desktop & mobile
  • 1st year data charges (SIM Card)
  • Installation kit - includes as is refurbished 3' tripod with 5' pole (new install kits available for purchase up to 9')
  • 1-year warranty from date of purchase

NOTE: if you need additional sensors, probe or installation kits please Call: 1-833-942-8463 prior to purchasing. Soil probe compatible (not included) must be configured at time of purchase of your station.

If you are looking to purchase more than 3 physical products please call our sales team 1-833-942-8463, we can offer you better shipping rates.