DATA INGEST - Pessl Instruments & 3rd party vendors

DATA INGEST - Pessl Instruments & 3rd party vendors

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The Pessl Instruments IoT suite of products and advanced decision support system (DSS), all composed in the FieldClimate platform, can exchange data with other vendors as well.


  • you to upload your data in CSV format regularly using our new FieldClimate Ingest API
  • to calculate disease models based on ingested non-METOS data
  • usage of FieldClimate API service to show for example disease models on a partners’ website


  • can make better data-driven decisions
  • can improve productivity 
  • increase profitability 
  • overall enhance day-to-day actions

DATA INGEST includes

  • data ingestion to FieldClimate from 3rd party vendor*
  • all METOS Software services possible**

*creation of METOS virtual serial number, import of historic data, automatic update call to another service provider (e.g. Davis Instruments) to receive latest data, password share

**if right sensors are available and with purchase of a respective licence (disease models, PRO weather forecast, FarmView) 

Instructional Video for Davis Instruments API integration.