nMetos 180 PKG
nMetos 180 PKG
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nMetos 180 PKG

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nMETOS 180

nMETOS (nano METOS) devices connect to NBIoT/LTE CAT M1 networks so you get quick access to highly reliable localized forecasts, in-field precipitation, relative humidity and temperature data. Use this data to monitor the micro-climate and drive your work plans.

The nMETOS 180 comes equipped to measure:

  • Precipitation
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Calculated values for Leaf wetness, Delta T, VPD (vapour pressure deficit) and Dew point


  • FieldClimate desktop & mobile
  • 1st year data charges (SIM Card)
  • Installation kit

The system is powered by a lithium battery, capacitor and solar panel.

Detailed technical specifications are available here.

NOTE: Not compatible with soil probes.

If you are looking to purchase more than 3 physical products please call our sales team 1-833-942-8463, we can offer you better shipping rates.

nMETOS weather station is everything you need for optimizing your daily activities.

✓ SIMPLE: the set up is quick and easy

✓ RELIABLE: transmits every 15 minutes and gives you localized-real time data

✓ ACTIONABLE: gives you insights that help with decision-making (when to spray, when to irrigate, when to visit the field, ...)

It is a perfect fit if:

  • You are just starting remote field monitoring.

  • Would like to bring your digital monitoring services to the next level with on-site measured data.

  • Knowing basic environmental parameters (rainfall, temperature and humidity) is enough for your monitoring site.